Bicycle rest area

Anna Karbanová
Czech Republic

Project idea

The main idea of this project was to create a place which meets all the cyclists´ needs. It includes bike maintenance, accommodation and refreshment.

Project description

The structure is located near the Prague Zoo in Prague, Czech Republic. It is placed in the levee between two lanes. The object consists of three separate buildings, a staircase and a lookout.
The first building is one meter above the water level with the entry from the bike lane. The bike maintenance is provided in this building. The second block is sited near the first one on the same level. This one is completely underground. There is a big terrace to bring the light inside. This two-storey building provides accommodation. In the second floor there is a sleeping gallery. The third building is located on the levee, seven meters above the water level. There is a refreshment, place to sit and toilets. The staircase connects all the three buildings and leads to the lookout with a very good view of Prague Zoo, the Vltava river or opposite embankment of the river.

Technical information

The buildings are placed in levee. The load-bearing walls are from reinforced underwater concrete. Triple-glazed windows are used in the whole object to keep the thermal loss down. Load-bearing walls are insulated. The staircase is made of concrete and weathering steel (Corten). To keep the buildings as much invisible as possible a green roof is on top of each.


lecturer: Ing. arch. Petr Lédl, Ph.D.
lecturer: Ing. arch. Štěpánka Hájková

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