The Museum of Death and Life Gallery

nasim konar
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

According to the research, life has a disparate and
incompatible component, but in general it is in order and
harmony, and looks out of sight, but it is simple from the
inside. Life has dark spots. Life can not be considered
limited. This is why life is said to be circular and simple.
The life of death is the death of death, and it can happen
every moment, therefore, death is designed like a rope
around life that can cut off the path of life at any moment.

Project description

The project has four floors, two levels of exhibition, an office floor and a service floor. The entrance and exit are ramps on both sides of the building.

Technical information

To reduce the amount of green space around the building is designed in several ways


Dr.somayeh ravanshadniya

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