Temporal housing - Troja

Vojtěch Vodička
Czech Republic

Project idea

The idea of this project was to connect two parallel paths in two different height levels with an object serving as temporal housing for both tourists and cyclist, who travel along the Vltava river.

Project description

The project consists of three main objects. First one, situated next to the path, serves as a refreshment stall, with functioning mini-shop. Second one connects the building to the higher ground level (and to the second path) and contains public restrooms for the refreshment shop. Those two buildings support the third one, elevated tubus, serving as space for living. It is equipped with shower, small kitchen and sleeping part.

Technical information

The main part of this object would be built as a woode skeleton - the tubus and the shop. The third part would be made from reinforced concrete. Span between the two supporting buildings would be secured by wooden glued girder. Wood is the main material of the interior also, together with green plastic surfaces.


lecturer: Ing. arch. Petr Lédl, Ph.D.
lecturer: Ing. arch. Štěpánka Hájková

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