Accommodation and café in Prague - Troy

Ladislav Podracký
Czech Republic

Project idea

Café and object for short accommodation for bikers and citizens in Prague, Troy in the Czech Republic. The objective of the project was to use upper and lower path for entering the object and connect them.

Project description

The object is located on the embankment of Vltava river, right in the neighbourhood of bike track connecting Prague with countryside. Except bikers this area is daily used by local citizens, sportsmen etc.
The shape is mainly copying the slope but also providing views on the ruins Baba on the opposite embankment or on the St. Vitus cathedral, Prague's dominant.
The object is offering two rooms for short overnight accommodation, storage for bicycles and a common room in the upper part, as well as café with bar and possibility of inner or outer sitting places in the lower part. The terraces are keeping the style of irregularity, which is typical for the whole object. Below the terraces, the shop and rental of bikes and in-line skates is placed.

Technical information

The main material is concrete, which makes up all load-bearing structures. All visible planes are covered by decorative concrete. The terraces are made of wood.


lecturer: Ing. arch. Petr Lédl, Ph.D.
lecturer: Ing. arch. Štěpánka Hájková

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