Studio and Dormitories at Liteň Chateau areal

Tomáš Lorenc
Czech Republic

Project idea

Designing a master studio and dormitories for 6-8 students in the old unused Orangery for a short-term courses.

Project description

The main concept of the project is to divide the old and new structure by creating a new layer of structures which form something new, move or cut through the current environment. Thus there are two ortogonal systems used for creating the spaces.
There are three parts of the project.
1. - Orangery building where the studio will be together with a storage room.
2. - Dorms building will provide all the students need for living and relaxing.
3. - Public spaces (which are defined by the Orangery, Dorms, Promenade and areal wall) will be partly sheltered. Also some new paths will be set.

Technical information

New x Old
1. - Orangery: glass block-shaped studio will be inserted on the old structure but the rest of the old structure will be conserved as i is.
2. - ruins on the southern end of Orangery will be demolished to create a new entrance for pedestrians.
3. - dead tree will be removed to make space for the Dorms
4. - new Dorms building made from architectural concrete.
5. - refurbished public courtyard plus a private courtyard.
6. - shelters made from glass and metal covering the most used paths

More detailed information can be found in the description of each picture...


Ing. arch. Ing. Jana Hořická, Ph.D.
Ing. Jan Pustějovský, Ph.D.

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