window into vineyard

Jakub Ficenec
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The objective is to create a garden house which fullfils all the needs of hobby wine-growing and wine production. A house that is used mainly on weekends and during holidays and is uninhibited during the winter.

Project description

Mikulov is a town in the south of Moravia with a long tradition of wine-making located in the warmest part of the Czech Republic. The land on which this building is intended to be is a part of an area with many small vineyards called Za kasárnami. It is a part of landscape park Pálava and together with the town of Mikulov they make demands on new buldings in the area such as maximum height of 5.5 meters or maximum area of 25 square meters for a founded structure. From the considered plot of land opens a breathtaking view of the surrounding ladscape (Svatý kopeček, Turold, Janičův vrch) and Mikulov.
Placing of the building was influenced by the existing greenery and declivity of the land. So that it si possible to get sunlight into the basement and for the widest aisle in the vineyard to lead toward the building.
The initial shape was a rudimentary cube oriented parellelly to the boundaries of the land. Removal of one corner segment redirected the view towads south-west and created a terrace protected by the building. The newly created opening is seald only with glass thus allowing the exterior to enter the interior in full scale. Making a gable roof is one of the restrictions implied in the area.

Technical information

The load-bearing structure is a light wooden skeleton with mineral wool inbetween the columns and rafters. The first floor stretches over only about 10 square meters of the ground floor and is carried by wooden beams. The flooring and both inner and outer claddings are made of oak wood. The terrace is made of teak wood and is supported by a wooden structure.


ing. arch. Jakub Zoula, ing. arch. Petra Lenz

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