my dream house

erfan fathi
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

If someone wants to live beside their workplace and wants a design of this idea from an architect, how should the architect do this?

We, as the architecture students, tried to place these different parts beside each other.

Project description

It's clear that there are a lot of differences in structure and usage between residential and official buildings. And if we want to place them beside each other, we need to save both the residents’ privacy and the connection between residential and official parts in order to establish the building’s balance.

Technical information

In order to maintain separation of public and private places, residential part has a 30 degree diversion from official part’s axis. And because of this diversion, the windows and view of the building is in another direction. Also, we placed some partitions in the front and backwards of the building to make the building beautiful, arrange and organize rays of light, and save the residents’ privacy. Also this organized light rays create a warm and relaxed atmosphere inside the building.

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