Life and Death museum

mohammad mollahosseiny
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

Life and death are the two main elements of the universe and loss of each one, destroys the whole system. In this project, I had described life as a bright, lucid, and pure element, and death as a dark and eternal stain on the life, to reduce our affiliation to the life by reminding this scene.
In this project I had put the life and death beside each other, and the death lower than the life. It’s possible to stare at the sky, and the source of mysteries, from the death’s view point

Project description

One of the hardest projects to design, is the “Life and Death museum”. But it’s possible to observe it from different points of view, and design it regarding to these acquired ideas.

The Life and Death Museum
Life is the beginning of an endless way. It’s brighter than the sun. The successive levels of life lead us, step by step, to this eternal way.
But, what about the death? It has various interpretations in different books and religions, but I define it as a way to look up for undiscovered facts. It’s possible to look at it from different ways, but that definition, maybe, is the most important one.

Technical information

• Solar energy as alternative energy resource
• Inclined design of the whole project structure to centralize the light to the intended area
• Maximize the usage of day light by Matte glass plates applied in the ground floor
• Maximize wind ventilation through central louver and the whole project structure
• Suitable vegetation with the environment

Research approach
• Questionnaire survey with structural engineers
• Interview and discussion with architecture consultors and engineers

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