Project idea

“Wind circulation and “Anemotherapy” is effective for increasing mental and physical performance, effective blood circulation and also leads to decreased prevalence of diseases”
These Spirals have been designed to create various shadows at different times of a day, and also Providing patients with a transparent view to look around and enjoy their admission.
Nowadays, ”Naturopathy” and “Thalassotherapy” or sea water medical function are so common in the world and because of this, The proposed site for this project is located at the waterside in the hospital campus.
According to the “naturopathy” researches, human body can treat itself. The better condition is, the better self-treating will be.
This feature has been included in this design.

Project description

The area of each one of pavilion is about 40 m2 and those are 3 , with various arrangement in space.
Location of site is in therapeutic and recreation spaces , such as hospitals, clinics , parks or walking for pleasure gardens.
Providing a semi private area for each patient by increasing the height of Spiral modules as a curtain at the corner of each bed. And providing Gathering space in visiting hours in the Project.

suggestion for extra features for this project
-The structure is fixed now, but it can be mobile and creating desirable shadows for the patients.
-Also the spirals can be moved like curtain alongside
the elliptical structure.

Technical information

Structure of Each module consists of fabric attach to two similar, light, metal spirals and wires.


Hannaneh Behnam
Ali Nazari
Armaghan Farahdokht