Connectivity Between Water & Human_ Karnafuli River-Front Development

Archisman Das
Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology

Project idea

WATER is an important and integral part of Bengali people’s life. Main sources of WATER in this region are not the artificial ones. Natural water sources like rivers, sea etc. found commonly in this country, which gives closer link between human & water. Due to over population & urban sprawl, the current development pattern of the country is culminating in filling up wetlands, making the river-front as the backside of the urban life. The integral relationship between the human life & natural water features is not highly present like past.
The target of this project is to get out of this practice. The focus of the project is to create some features that will help to put human moves closer to water & help them to get the opportunity to know, touch & feel the water. The main objective is to humanize the KARNAfULI river- front, for connecting city life with nature water source.

Project description

In the master plan, the root of marine drive has been proposed to change for preserving the natural condition of the site. Vehicular entry is allowed only in one zone, which is located at the highest level of the site (never flooded in normal tide). The entire site is connected by pedestrian walkways & bike ways. The performing art center put in the closest & direct distance with the main entry. The festival zone proposed just beside the performing art center & between them a restaurant is proposed. The proposed building functions are divided into two zones & they are designed in such manner so that they might merged with nature & have small heights to ignore their supremacy. The boat hiring zone proposed near boat information center.
All the building entry, walkways face the river for making the river view as the front, not a back part.
From the south part of the vehicular entry, water, ecology & history information center complex is placed in a dry zone. In the north-eastern part of the vehicular entry Boat, Arts & Crafts information center complex is placed in a zone, which might be flooded in a high tide. This information center can be
a floating structure & this can be float like boat in special cases if need.
Water edges designed as such way, so that the touch of water can be easily get-able by seating & enjoying water at the edges.
Folk songs which are related with water, are performed in performing art zone, so that we can reconnect water with general visitors. Important feature of the amphi-theatre is when high tide coming the low level of the center are going under water. Stage & the lowest level of seating are remain over water. The feeling of changing color of the area with performance can be understood here.
Outdoor fountain zone provide a playful experience for the children. Here they
can play & taste the touch of water. Different sculptural water fountains are exhibited in this zone.
The open decks are used for providing fishing facilities which is a very common
recreational element related to water. This also help to walk through the bridges & getting more closer to water.

Technical information

Master Plan, 3d sketches for describing spaces

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