The Multi Tilted Villa

Seyedeh Hoda Tara
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

Deconstructionism is used for designing urban towers and large scale buildings, but rarely ever used for designing villas; however this project tries to use this kind of design to create the most interesting forms to be experienced even in domestic spaces. There are two important factors about this project that makes it stand out among the rest: First, it is located in the jungle but does not damage the trees or its environment. Secondly, it has glass terraces with trees going through them which give the user a very exhilarating view that they have never experienced before. The fascinating forms in this design are created by using the land grade as a benefit by making tilted forms with different angles come together to create one complex form with various views created by each component. This project is specifically designed for an industrial designer and is focused to fulfill all of this user’s needs by providing a special work space which consists of several user-based spaces. The concept of this design came from a leaf because the villa was located in the middle of the jungle, the leaf shape could somehow blend in with the nature that surrounds it. The trees that go through the building represent the small holes in the leaves that plants use to breathe. While the Villa was being designed, some changes were made to lead to a better form making it harder to spot as a leaf since the glass terraces are also a part of this leaf shape but are not easily seen from above because of their transparency. In this project, all of the interior spaces have been divided into 1. Public space 2. Private space 3. Personal space.

Project description

The public spaces consist of the kitchen, the living room, the dining room and the guest room. These spaces can be used by guests, visitors and all family members. The private spaces are those that can be used by all family members like the TV room, the game room, the pool, the gym, the laundry room, the sitting room and of course the bedrooms. The personal spaces are those that are designed to be only used by the Industrial designer. As the villa consists of 3 main volumes, the interior spaces that were just mentioned have also been divided based on these three forms. This project is fully focused on designing a villa which is best for the users which in this case the main user is an Industrial designer. Half of the first floor is his own personal space which consists of a library, a work space area, an exhibit and a secret personal customized bedroom. The library is where he does his research and gathers information; the exhibition is where all of his successful work is put on display that can be shown to a colleague or even his clients. It does not have any windows in order to prevent any of the work from destruction or too much light. This exhibition room has a secret door which is not recognized as a door by others but seen as a book shelf. This secret door leads to his personal and private resting area which can be used in between busy work days in his work space. The workspace consists of 4 different parts. There is a storage room where he can keep all his material. A work station is the second part that contains a large wooden desk beside a large tool holder on the wall which stores all the hand tools that he uses while working and there is a desk with a PC to design and render his work on the computer. The third part is the peaceful sketch area where there are two very large and tall shelves by the window that are parallel and between them is a comfortable couch by the window so that the designer can sit and relax by the window and enjoy the wonderful view of the jungle and think about his next design. The big book shelves are to separate this area from the rest of the work space to create concentration and he can use the books to get inspired to design. Finally, we reach the last part in the workspace which is like a personal café with coffee machines, a sitting area and a door that leads to the outdoors. This space is also used when bringing a colleague or a client to the workspace.

Technical information

When the Villa is accessed by car, after parking in the garage there is a door which leads to the entrance space that includes a washroom and a closet before having to access the main spaces of the Villa. By going up the staircase which is placed beside a large window that provides great lighting and view as the users go up and down the stairs, we reach the first floor. The kitchen is the first accessible space along with another washroom. This kitchen has a kitchenette where the food can be prepared without any smell spreading through the residence because of the closed area that provides strong hoods and air conditioning. In this kitchenette is a food storage that keeps the food cool. The kitchen has direct access to the living room and the dining room. The living room has two parts; one is a sitting area by the window for the guests to have a nice gap and enjoy the wonderful view and the other half is used for sitting and watching a movie or displaying something on the screen to show things to guests who are not intimate and close enough to be taken to their private TV room on the second floor. The guest room is accessed by a door from the living room to have more privacy as the dining room is the least used room during the day and enables the guests to have close access to the two spaces they use most during their stay which is the dining room and the living room. Inside this guest room there is a bathroom and a walking closet to be used only by the guests for them to feel more comfortable. The other half of this floor is the Industrial designer’s personal space which was explained in full details in the description. As the users move onto the second floor they reach the private spaces, consisting of bedrooms, a sitting area, a TV room, a game room, a small kitchen, a laundry room and a very big master room. The master bed room is on one side of the floor and the other bedrooms are on the other side which gives the parents more privacy. The small kitchen on this floor is for supplying food and consuming it rather than cooking. It is close to the TV room and the game room as it is more used in these spaces. The TV room and the game room come even before the bedrooms and the sitting area that is more private so that they can bring more intimate friends and relatives in these rooms without entering their private spaces. The laundry room is located between the two bedrooms for easier and quicker access. Each bedroom has its own private bathroom, walking closet and even a terrace. There is a big window in each bedroom that provides sufficient light and a unique view of the jungle. None of the windows in this building are faced directly towards the west which has the most disturbing kind of lighting throughout the day (in the specific region). The third floor has a pool, a hot tub, a gym and a locker room. The pool and the hot tub have the highest view of the jungle and cannot be seen by anyone from outside the building because of its special angle, position and height which provides complete privacy for the users.

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