Master of architecture Kiril Dimeski
AFS - Saints Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, Faculty of Architecture

Project idea

The new concept generates an architecture that is based on the memory of the place and its re-activation in its original state. The importance of this project is to recognize the values ​​of the place and to bring them into the everyday life of the local population, raising the socio-cultural life and meeting their needs. Inside the site, an active nature is created that is of great importance for the local people in a narrower context, and also for the city in a wider context.

The goal of the program is to establish a border, which, besides limiting the city's growth space, will have the task of conecting the urban with the protected natural.

The content itself in its program includes user groups of different annual ages, which is one of the qualities of the engagement.

Project description

The purpose of this project is to create architecture and space generated and based on the memory of the place. These architectural interventions are covering the space between (in-between) the urbanized build land and protected natural land, discontinuity between them, their integration and the creation of an active nature, which will become a new quality of that space. Also objective of this project is to make regulation, disavling uncontroled destructive intrusion of the urban into the protected green nature.

Trough placing vestibule (protecred pedestrian zone) inspired by the ancient streets it creates edge. It connects similar or diferent phenomena between themselves in order to inify such as in natural processes (osmosis), it connects thereby itself becomes content. It forms a border or separates what is urban from what is protected green in order to renew the memory of that place by creating active nature inside it. It moves along the border of the place, depending on the needs it enteres or goes out of the place and it becomes an integrative edge (active, reactive) thereby at certain moments it by itself is architecture, it creates architecture and it recives in itself the buildings whom transforms and intensifes their program aimed at reviving them. That creates light architecture (lightweight construction), which can change its program or it can be dismantled and create new content with new programe at the same place.

Technical information

Follow the theoretical directions of Kevin Lynch, Border and Condirions Studio at the Delft faculty of architecture and several reference examples starting with the ancient city of Ephesus, San Marco square in Venice, the Ponte Vecio Bridge in Florence, De shalm project for a neigborhood center and High Line in New York are constructing a new solution for a nursery located in just two kilometers from the central city area of ​​the city of Skopje.

By creating a protective pedestrian zone (vestibule) that is created from natural materials and is in contact with nature by creating an active nature (nursery) in the core of the place.

The vestibule itself is an architecture, it creates architecture, and it also receives the urban abandoned places. Analyzing the needs of the place and the forces that act on the place of certain points are created buildings such as the institute for agricultural research, kindergarten, church and the integration of an abandoned building by giving it a new program in order to fit it into the new programe.Also channels pass through the site and creates a lake that collects rainwater for the purpose of watering the nursery.


Kiril Dimeski, Master of Architecture

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