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The house can be against the tsunami.

Viet Nam

Project idea


The house can be against the tsunami, hurricane, earthquake. Including two layers, when the hurricane or tsunami hit, the outer layer will turn and will absorb energy from the hurricane, tsunami to protect the inner layer. This energy is converted into electricity to serve during natural disasters.

Project description

The house includes 2 separate structural layers. outer layer will absorb energy from wind, storms, tsunamis to protect the inner layers.

*The outer layers include:
+floors: concrete walls, grass layer where gathering energy from wind, tsunamis when they impact on the house.
+ Turbine: is made from concrete blades which associated with seno,
they will slide on rollers,which are attached to the top of the base each time when the house is
impacted by the force. So the house can be protected. The water will be directed from the seno
into the tank, float in the tank emerging to seal the vent, the water will drain out from Seno.
Water is pumped from the storage tank on the 3rd floor to cater for growing vegetables.
*The inner layers:
+ layer frame can be both earthquake resistance and everyday living space.

Technical information

*The outer layers include:
+ Turbine:
*The inner layers: