Project idea

my project is a high school, is a reinterpreation of the tri-part of vitruvian (form, function and structure) into a trinom mixture that constitutes (philosophy, architecture and geometry) this will be realized a from a golden triangle, and with the development of this triangle and these principles we end up the materialization of the Arab Muslim architectural identity of this region so the shape will be a magical octagon

Project description

the project consists of four entities:
an administrative office where are the offices, and a second service and a third pedagogic and a fourth sports, these four entities are articulated around a central patio that is reminder ksourian larch laghouat where the patio is a regulatory area and central where the daily life of the users of the house

Technical information

for the structure we foresee a post-beam structure and for the filling on prefere the use of the local materials such as adobe, the brick of compressed clay, the rammed earth which are specific of the region and at the same time it is for pay tribute to the ancient know-how including ancient building techniques