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House in the Moscow region

Valeria Isakova & Maria Kurkova MArchI, Moscow Architectural Institute – State Academy
Russian Federation

Project idea

We had a small elongated plot of land for planning
and a task to build a 200m2 house with garden, playground, relax
zone, bbq and dog's area, garage etc. Therefore, the main idea
was to get more space from nothing.
The shape of the plan also gave us the road script.
So we tried to place all the exterior functions in the beginning of
the section calling them "the pathway" and put the house at the
end of the site calling it "the finish". To enter the house visitors
have a walk through the site and thus feeling the atmosphere of
the place, to became its part. In addition, placed at the end of the
plot the house looks proportional and со-extensive with the
master plan. One understands building's real size only after
walking around it.
Moreover, the house does not interfere with the
perspective of the garden. We achieved an effect of a further
perspective by making front and rear facades fully glazed. It also
allows for visual continuity with the landscape. However, we
always kept in mind that we trying to design a comfortable house for
young family to live in.

Project description

The house is situated in the village on the
Klyasminskoye reservoir in a Moscow suburb. The plot of land
stretches 63m long and 10m width from east to west. The house
sits in the rear part of the site.
It is a home to the family with two children. On the
request of the owner the main entrance is on the northern side of
the building, whereas glass openings are used as summer
entrances. There are two functional zones in the house, the
ground floor serves as a guest area with a big open space of
sitting room and a kitchen and a guest bedroom. While the rest
floor is entirely a private family area with three bedrooms.
The formation of the house comes from the environment.
Unfortunately, most of surrounding housing have a very strange
shapes with eclectic details and badly chosen proportions.
However, all the neighbors have similar household buildings and
barns with simple shapes that look far more esthetic than main
structures. Therefore, the shape and texture of the shed served
as the basis for the image of the house.

Technical information

The total area of the house is 189м2. The structure is
reinforced concrete frame with strip foundation and monolithic
floors. Facades are faced with the decorative aged wooden
board. The house has a gable roof with a seamed covering on
wooden rafters. Because of a system of hidden gutter GALECO
there are no traditional roof overhangs.

The building is energy-efficient. There are side
shutters on the south to protect the interior from the floating day
sun, and there is a block of utility rooms and bathrooms along the
northern wall. Additionally, the house provides the possibility of
natural ventilation through the main premises. Transoms in the
central part of the house provide for natural illumination of dark
rooms during the daylight hours.