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School of Architecture

Fatemeh Asoodeh islamic azad university of mashhad
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

The Idea of designing is inspired by traditional architectural and philosophic significance of Iran as a modern creation. Regarding to the location and situation of the site project and climate of Mashhad, the courtyard and also the bādgīr (wind catcher) are included into the designing.The combination of an octagonal geometry and Shamsa (circular medallion), are the main and important shapes of traditional architectural of Iran, are really striking elements which are helped the progress of creation of form.

Project description

Area: 7000 square meters
Designed Area: 2640 square meters
Location: Haft e tir 32 ,Haft e tir Blvd ,Mashhad

Geometry of main form is an octagonal shape which caused the creation of courtyard and also introverted of form and Arrangement of Shamsa around of octagonal shape, made the people comes inside the site.Placement of bādgīr into the main form is an important issue which helps the Natural air conditioning and also suitable inner illumination, which exactly reminds the traditional architecture.
Flexibility in division of departmental areas is an important issue, and symmetry used into elements of the Plan which reminds the classic departmental configuration, to make a healthy competition and performance between the employees.

Exterior Appearance:
Main elements of facade
1-Full length doubled and tripled windows used for courtyard ground alignment.
2-Full long thick windows used for upper ground alignment.
3-Locating a patio in the point of Shamsa`s sectors.
4-retreated round archades with rectangle surrounding frames used in designing of the walls around the courtyard.

Technical information

The material used is concrete and brick.


Architecture students: Navid tofighi , Fateme asoode
Supervisor: Eng.Mahsa saedi mofrad