Project idea

•The concept of this design is combination of indoor and outdoor spaces and by folding surfaces and making big pores streaming a branch of Sefīd-Rūd river into the construction has been made possible. The existing pores also can be used as outdoor swimming pools and recreational environments in order to sunbathing in exterior space. Furthermore, the presence of water and tree in this atrium makes a specific and natural space in the construction.

Project description

•The construction’s setting in the proximity of the Sefīd-Rūd river and accessibility to Caspian Sea and Anzali Lagoon for frogmen through boats which have been considered in this regard.
•The compatible and interrelated functions and usages has been set next to each other and the plan has been designed in 3 zones: 1) aquatic spaces and pools, 2) educational-administrative spaces, 3) cultural services spaces.
•Transparent design by making visual views, the entrance of underwater diving pool has been set in second floor and through designing windows in spaces like gym, equipment shop and trainer’s analyzing room the deeps of pools and aquatic places are observable.
•The designed underwater diving pool in this complex contains different surfaces and depths up to 30m.
•Designing a pool with low depth, massage room and recovery room
•Designing a gallery in the complex in order to introduce underwater diving profession and to show beauties and potentialities of underwater world to the people who haven’t had opportunity and chance to discover underwater world.

Technical information

•Using glass in the floor of gallery which enables everybody to see the river streaming below.
•Designing bridges in the atrium which further providing different views can be used as escaping passages in crucial and critical cases.
•Considering the rainy climate of the location of this complex, a pool has been designed to collect and storage the rain water.
•Material of facade, due to the natural beauty of the location site of this complex we considered materials which can reflect the images and colors of the nature and eventually considering the environmental circumstances of this location site stainless titanium- which is both glossy and light- has been chosen as the main material for the facade of this construction and coverage for the structure. By virtue of its neutral color this metal can reflect environmental colors and glitter of water and light very well.


Supervisor: DR.Massud Wahdattalab
Co-designer: Asma Baqeri