Gohar-rood Museum of Cultural History

saviz sahba
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

Designing a Center for Promotion and Development of Gilan Culture Through The Revival of Dead Urban Spaces.
An architectural effort to restore the sense of the place of Goharrood River to the minds of the people of Rasht; a river that has been flowing under the shadow of pollutions for many years.
In this project, the architectural features of the region (Gilan province) such as climatic features (temperate and humid climate), which people are familiar with, are considered and somehow modernized and presented with a new look. These features include:

• Use of natural and lightweight materials and structures
• Intact and untouched nature
• Paying attention to the beautiful landscape and create different viewpoints
• Use of steep and curved roofs due to extreme rain and heavy sunshine in sultry weather.
• Designing areas of interest to the people of the area, including fishing docks
• Designing a variety of recreational, cultural, commercial and other spaces

Project description

A part of the river located near the largest and most populous city park was considered as the project site, and in fact the footpath adjoining the river is simultaneously considered a behavioral setting and most citizens have clear memory of the river in this part of the city.
Spatial diversity, both in form and in performance, is one of the most important issues to attract people of different ages and tastes to this site. Designed spaces include:

• Viewpoint
• Handicraft workshop
• Rest areas with canopies
• Cafes and restaurants
• Fishing docks
• Ichthyology Museum and Fish Shop
• Water market

Technical information

Structural methods: Metal and wood prefabricated structures, Glulam roof structures.
Site length in the river: 709m


Dr. s.yahya islami

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