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farnaz sholevarfard Islamic Azad University Of Kerman
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

In this project searching for and architectural concept is not finding any idea in other projects and concepts. Rather, the concept is brought forth by the architect herself. If this choice is true, the designer would be praised and if not, her competency will be under scrutiny. Ideals show the final desires and dreams of an architect. Abstract forms are simplified aspects of more complex problems and reflect inner findings. Designers apply various methods to contemplate on project essence and to express it in a conceptual form. Here in this project the commission is to design a Museum for Kerman ( Kermanshenasi). The mass is conceived a s if it has raise from Kerman desert, expressing the climate, culture and all other aspects of life in Kerman City. All parts of the mass are interconnected in a fine-looking manner. Continuity of the Desert is depicted in the proposed form and the functions contained within it.

Project description

We have outer space and iner space with design by trees and grass and kind of stone in outer land,and inside of the museum we have alot of useful competend place.

Technical information

So we used just broken line in this project we dont have any curve and circle or other line or plate or bulk in this project and we made this pire with front tense system.


I designing this museum by myself with viewer my masters Dr. Abbas Masoudi & Dr. Sahar Mehraby.