The Paper Pavilion

Larry Teo
Temasek Polytechnic

Project idea

The Paper Pavilion is a retail project involving the re-purposing of two warehouse units at the Geylang Bahru industrial estate, Singapore, in a hypothetical scenario of future gentrification(with reference to current URA masterplans). The scheme proposes an adaptive reuse of the units into a high-tech recyclable furniture showroom, set to be a harmonious assemblage of the latest cutting-edge technologies with environmental sustainability in focus.

Assenting to the project stratagem(to be an especial recyclable furniture showroom of the future), the proposal seeks to appropriate novel technologies such as piezo-electric insulation(for anthropogenic energy harvesting) while leveraging on the properties of materials such as cardboard by superimposing it as an ubiquitous structural and lighting material to delineate the program's typology as a paradigm of unconventional exhibition spaces.

Project description

With the stipulated space packed in a relatively compact footprint of 3230 sq.ft, a "vertical" design approach was used to negotiate the formation of distinctive display spaces, resulting in "The Cardboard Jungle" concept. This "jungle", where trees were cut down for the production of paper resulting in the by-product of cardboard, is symbolically resurrected to form the genius loci of the place through a deliberated caricature of their former "life" existence by crafting 5 high-volume vertical display spaces of cardboard, also endeared as "Paper trees". Its comprehensive application as an unconventional structural material(vertically) to accentuate spatial hegemony within the building envelope seeks to immerse users into the various aesthetic and ethereal qualities of this material completely, creating an out-of-this-world walk-through experience.

In addition to technology and unconventional material applications, natural lighting is also optimized through the strategic utilization of apertures to eschew from the excessive usage of artificial lighting, chiefly on the transitory spaces connecting the first and second levels by purposefully filtering direct sunlight through the interstices of the "Paper Trees", as in real jungles and forests where sunlight is filtered by a multitude of overhanging canopies.

Technical information

1st and 2nd story floor plans are included in this submission.

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