Plex residential

Deniz Deniz Ebrahimi Azar
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

This summation has been arranged in the form of a design project in order to: first understand the theoretical foundations of sustainable architecture which is the emergency (urgent) procedure in the world and getting familiar with the principles affected by the climate and energy consumption in compliance with the environmental characteristics and factors of planning and design and second using renewable energy and the optimization of energy consumption by design techniques of residential complexes.
First, designs are considered using static methods due to minimize the use of fossil fuels and renewable energy will be applied just as a supporter if it's necessary.

Project description

Title : plex
Location : Tehran Pars,Tehran,Iran
Total Area : 50 000 m2
Plex type A Area:600 m2
Plex type B Area:500 m2

Technical information

Plex definition:
A set of houses that have a common vertical wall is called plex. plex can be displayed as more number of units but in fact, plexes are repeated sets of houses. Plex can be designed radially by a central courtyard and in a way that each unit be formed around a central courtyard.
It does not require that all units of a plex have the same size. Size and area of ​​each unit is related to the number of households.The difference between the plex and residential complexes is the unit's lineup. Units in the plex are side by side but are stacked in residential complexes.
The general characteristics of the project:
400-600 square meters foundation and a 150-200 square meters common area.
Each unit has a private courtyard area of ​​100-150 square meters.
The appropriate number of parking
The introduction of the project:
Sustainable community (locality) design
(Residential units according to the principles of sustainable architecture options)
40-50 residential units designed as a set of 3-6 units in a proposed site (5 hectares) by scholars and according to climatic characteristics of selected cities

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