Aurora cultural center

cultural center fatemeh sarabadanitafreshi
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

The project is specifically located whithin the area devoted to farmaniye region tehran. The designer's effort is to inspire movement and life in the area a novel and dynamic image yet carring signs of the traditional persian architecture including a symbol of veranda facing the main street.

Project description

The aim of this project is to pay attention to the design of the architecture of the field-oriented.
Bioclimatic design capitalizes on the characteristics of the site (climate, vegetation, topography and geology of the soil) in order to minimize the energy needs of the building and to create a more comfortable environment (hygro-thermal, acoustic, natural light) adapted to the ways and lifestyles of the inhabitants. In addition, special attention is paid to respect the existing landscape and integrate the building within it.

Technical information

According to the project site for the slope of the diagonal split site.
In this project the materials of stone, wood and concrete.

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