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Elham Nazeri Azad Kerman University
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

My idea in designing this museum in addition to beauty discussion in evry project is discussion of a suitable space for all operations that are so that intercommunicate with Each other in this project . Has been tried to use reproducible energies to accret the possibility of reduce the payments costs about reproducible energies.
Indeed my anxiety for users of the museum in addition to aplied discussion is psycology discussion and create the relief and calm feeling in persons.
Indeed play with three elements:water,light and greenbelt are coming to help this project .

Project description

Span of this project is near of art musician in kerman city,,,main area in this project are:gallerys,teather,training classes,,work rooms,,administrative part,,prayer room,,parking and etc

Technical information

In kerman city because of the hot weather,,people use water coolers,,but water coolers use lots of water and because of limitations water in kerman city it's not a good behave, therefore use from water wall (use from water in the apartment )helps us to save water in the apartment,,
Galleries:galleries work independence from the other space,,, entrances:in Iranian architecture entrance is the main subject,,entrance is the same of a first of a book that can interested us to itself,, at entrance of this project we try to use lights from a good way,,for example we don't entrance from a space full of lights to a space full of walls at once..we can control the lights with lattice shape theater space :theater space is designed in a way that we can conrol the volume of sound that give us a different volume in comparison with volume of apartment


Thanks to Mr Rostami that help us to designing this project.