From Sestroretsky tool factory (former arm factory) to a multifunctional centre

Daniil Iakovlev
Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts
Russian Federation

Project idea

The main idea was to create a modern multifunctional space that could become a kind of new attraction center not only for the residents of Sestroretsk, but also for guests from St. Petersburg and the whole country.

Project description

Sestroretsk tool factory is located in the center of Sestroretsk city. The formation of a monument of industrial architecture, founded on the orders of Peter I, began in the first quarter of the XVIII century.
One of the main tasks was the harmonious addition of the composition of the factory, which had lost by that time. Over the past three centuries, the factory and appearance of the complex has changed many times. The compositional idea was to recreate the historical axis of the factory and maintain it with new buildings. Also, the task was to get into the scale of historical buildings and to avoid dissonance, so the new architecture repeats the silhouette of the old buildings.
The project also provides for the restoration of the old foundry. In the past, it was one of the dominants of the factory. It is proposed to make a installation of this building from wooden structures.

Technical information

The multifunctional complex includes three functional groups: a museum, a business zone and a recreational one.
The museum zone is located in the southern part of the territory and is separated by a reconstructed canal from the business. It contains three historical buildings of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. They contain various thematic expositions: the Small Arms Museum, the Museum of Remembrance of Wars to Warriors who died during the Soviet-Finnish War, the defense of Leningrad, and the Museum of the History of Workshop in Russia.
The business zone includes the Congress Center, the Temporary Exhibitions Building, the Hotel, the Offices, the Vocational Training Unit, the Library and has all the necessary infrastructure for holding forums, exhibitions and congresses.

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