Project idea

The idea of the design as a whole was to keep the streets almost the same with only some adjustments . we were not to change people’s lifestyle but to improve it. Having more and more outdoor space was , in my opinion, one of the important factors influencing the design . According to this fact I came up with the idea of Private , Semi-private , and Public yards. This approach also helps having a safer environment in the complex since it limits the number of people in central yards . As it is shown in the site plan there are three main blocks and one central garden located in the center of the land
Encompassing ten thousand square meters , the complex consists of eighty-five residental units which are located in twenty buildings . Their massing was conceived in response to its urban and iranian culture settings
Balconies and window boxes push inward toward the property's edge. The white concrete colour scheme further animates the elevations and is also a reminder of simplicity in architecture
I decided to carve out the core of the space between buildings to create an open-air, landscaped courtyard.

Project description

Other features of the design are exterior staircase and In-between building spaces . Glass facade In between spaces connect staircase of one building to another and are filled with different plants and flowers . You can call them oxygen aisles which can be a good place for chat and gatherings . However some may think these aisles can be a threat to safety of the apartments , I should add that these aisles are accessible only from inside the buildings and are not open to regular visitor and are only for residents .

Technical information

 The houses, like in no other way in this environment, have a courtyard, that is conceived as a living and privative element towards most of the rooms of the groundfloor are pointed. It could almost be said that the vision to outdoors does not mind and that their openings are conceived in many cases, only to guarantee the crossed air circulation with the yards .