Commercial residential complex

negin moazedi
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

the main idea for this project is from the houses in masoule,that the roof of each house is the yard of the other one on the top.
the idea of window profiles is from Moundrian's painting that the lines,link the lines of the whole building

Project description

The project consists of a residential complex of 3 different units with a unit of working place.
The site of this project is located in the Iranshahr street.One of the challenges of the project was the choice of the proper work of the region, yet it was new. Which included all the proper design and selection of the land. My choice for this challenge was the dog Boarding.The land is a long project with an approximate area of ​​300 square meters.
The shape of the building and living space is quite different. I would like to see this difference completely..The building of the dog boarding's lines is curved and its access to the main street is through a bridge, and residential housing is through ramps.

Technical information

Sustainable architecture
Green architecture
Green nature at high altitudes
Stairs in out doors
Little bridges

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