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Six classes school of jiroft( Kerman)

Azita Essmaeelzade Asali Islamic Azad University, Mashhad
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

The plan consists of a regular octagonal module, which is well-suited to expand and create the spaces needed by the school.
The modules are aligned with the source's potential of the site and create the school's requisites.
The arrangement of these modules is based on the climate of the region and the use of weather capabilities which are compressed in some parts of the site and expanded in some areas, They are connected through the soles, forming shading and circulatory action.
The creation of indoor terraces on the southern side of the modules creates a shadow for the cooling the interior areas and as a result, it creates climatic health.
In addition, it provides a semi-private and cool area for every area and student's use.
Another reason for choosing this module is to improve the quality of school spaces and create a dynamic and modern field.
Center-oriented architecture form that inspired by Kerman’s native architecture, causes friendly behaviour between children.
This form, inspired by Kerman's native architecture, can perfectly answer the quality of the space you want at the same time, it points to indigenous cultural and social values, aesthetic criteria are considered.
The materials intended for this plan are brick and clay, which are considered as indigenous materials of Kerman area. It can be implemented with minimal cost of the project.

Project description

A: Select regular octagonal form as the main modulus and Productivity of a native form and the use of octagonal expansion potential.
B: Link these modules to interface Sabets. Creating favorable shading and circulation
C: Create the required openings by creating a spin in the desired module and at the same time maintaining the center-oriented internal useful space.
Inducing social behavior to students.

Technical information

Attention to appropriate furniture; colors and native forms. For this environment, there are other design measures that can help improve the quality of this learning environment.


Sareh Javid, Nooshin Mohammadi