Villa designing

Amirali Sotoudehnia
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

I have a rectangle land 40*60 m2 which has a road west of it and a river south of it and has slopes from south and east.

Project description

I've used some trees west of the land and also west of the building for protecting the land from air pollution.The area of building includes the building foundation,a Tennis court,a Parkour court,a swimming pool and a parking.

Technical information

About the technical information,for example I can point to the separating rooms from public spaces because of the individual's privacy.Another thing is on the ground floor,kitchen and dining room which are next to each other because of taking food fast from kitchen to dining room.The kitchen also has a way to the living room for parents and the grandmother.
On the first floor,we can see one room for father and one room for mother and also a living room for each other and their costumers.
On the second floor we see a little reception hall for the girl and boy and their friends.You can also see a little kitchen for them and a living room,too.
on the third floor,there is just 2 rooms with bathroom.One of them is for the boy and another is for the girl.
The boy's room has a space for architectural projects and it has also a case for material.The boy's room has a way to parkour court from the window which is safe and has many objects to jump on.
The girl's room has a space for dancing and studying her lessons in her major,music.

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