university space (street)

Mahta Kamyabi
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

the design is for a street next to an art and architecture school(university ) the main idea is to provide more comfort and better area and condition for student to think more and use better their time and years and show their potential and creative design to everyone and get supports. that provide art street galleries, sitting space, theatre performing space, conference stands, space to talk about new ideas, bike special road, student art shops, working space(drawing or etc).the second floor is covered by greens.there is also 2 cafe in the sides of the street. the smaller one designed for outdoor cafe.
این طراحی برای خیابان کناری یک دانشگاه هنر و معماری است. در این خیابان فضاهای متفاوتی برای نشستن،گفت و گو، اجرای تاتر، طراحی کردن، استفاده از لپ تاپ ،جاده هایی برای دوچرخه سواریو فروشگاه هایی برای فروش کار های هنری قرار گرفته است.بر روی این خیابان یک پوسته طراحی شده است که امکان .عبور دوچرخه را فراهم میکند، همچنین این بام پوشیده از پوشش سبز گیاهی است

Project description

the street space design is in 2 floors. in first floor vehicles are banned and can't get in and the full street is a art gallery. in this street art gallery there is many sitting areas and some tables that student can use them.there is also a shop that students can sell their the gallery there is some space that students can conference or perform theatre.the second floor is like a crust that covered by greens and has special bike roads and some space for bikes to stop and work by computer and recharge by sun energy .it has also 2 cafe the smaller one is outdoor cafe and the biggest is indoor.

Technical information

the master plan is 150*15
the key plan is 30*3
the plans are 75*15

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