building for three

Ghazal Khosravani zade
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

The project was about a 3 units of residential and one unit of work space which is a cafe
It's idea is from italian ancient houses (domuses) that has atrium between entry and other areas And in my project i have two divided parts that are related by an atrium which it's entry is from back of it and it can be used as a green area too

Project description

the project includes three residential units which are 65 meters 120 meters and 200 meters and a work space unit which it's function is a book cafe' a place where you can buy and borrow books and sit in calm place and enjoy your view of the park because my site is the north of the park

Technical information

my project is somehow formal i made this part with pyramidal triangles and i make elements together which make it parametric and make my project so different by using these elements my project will get a good absorbent and shadows from sun and because its getting south and east beam of the sun and in iran these lights are sharp and sometimes irritating by these parametric design will be controlled
all the maquette design and form are by hand not by laser


Advisors: Dr. Hamidreza Mousavi and
his assistant Mr Milad Ensafian

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