Women Charity Association

Dorsa Sabri

Project idea

This project is both complimenting a mixture of residential and working place area in two different components. There are two buildings in the project; one presenting the residential and the other the workplace. The residential building is designed to work as a dormitory for the women who are supposed to work daily at the workplace building. In this small association, usual necessities such as living as a dormitory, working; creating art stuff and selling them to the public through the charity events will take place.

Project description

The project's site was selected by the professor of the course Design one which was district 6. Students were supposed to choose the site themselves. The site was first analyzed by the students and then they provided specific designs for the project. Finally the professor accepted that one of the buildings should be built 7 meteres underneath the ground so that the neighbours can get enough light. There were complications in solving how to connect the two buildings togethere, but finally we came to a conclusion so that the workplace building places at the South side of the ground and the residential building places on the North side of the ground.

Technical information

At this level no specific technical information is provided.

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