C.I.T Community of Inactive Talents

Javid Moradzadeh
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

Our society does not come in as strong as it should, in enabling women; Also, it does not make them use their potentials in their youth. The community of inactive talents (CIT) dreams of tapping into the energy of those who are wasting their life on daily chores and waiting for an else to deliver for them.

The other problems that can be overcome through this system are resolving the depression and facing an early midlife crisis because of lack of achievements, and also not giving back the resources that once society invested in them.

As former UN secretary general Kofi Annan said:"any society that does not succeed in tapping into the energy and creativity of its youth will be left behind."

Project description

CIT helps unemployed women (about 44 % of their population) to achieve more by updating them through the courses which they need and with targeted goals.Helping them with the financial aspects of their life and finding customers for the service they provide all in one complex.

This project has been designed to support the medium size district of Iranshahr in Tehran .the CIT complex is made of classes and a 700 square meter gallery to display products made by the members to show what they can do and can be the new reality

Technical information

The project contains six apartments, a museum, and CIT which is the(educational and financial division of the community) with four classes,

CIT complex is located in Gharani st in Iran-Shahr district
Its primary facade is toward Gharani St.
The site itself is 1200 square meter which has 60 percent of it under construction.

The void in the center of the design works as a divider for all the entrances:
On its right side, the entrance to the residential segment can be found. Holding two 75 square meter units with access to a shared roof garden; also there are four other flats, which two of those are 150 square meter apartments, and the other 2 has 200 square meter area, and one of these is a duplex with a private roof garden.
On the left side of the void, a short bridge connects the pavement to the CIT where all the offices are located and can be accessed.

And the last entrance is the void itself which directs you to the gallery and the museum itself contains the display area, cafe and a theater having 36 seats in total also backstage area and secondary way and entrance for performers.


Mohammad Amin Bahu

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