Residence Villa

Narges Ahmadi
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

Designing of this village has been done for the use of five members of a family with specific characteristics for each person. The plan is based on the composition of different ideas and has been accomplished in 4 months. Grandmother (housewife), mother(fashion designer), father (psychologist), two daughters(musicians and dancers), son(architect).

Project description

this is the villa with 600 squar merers located in the ground with 2400 squar meters. for it building I assumed an imaginary site that it east site a river and in 20 meter of west side of villa the main road and in south side of that a mountain is located. the design of villa is in a way in which all views and and locations are used properly. it ground has 30% slope in east and 30% slope in west direction with 3 floors.

Technical information

plan consists the ground, first and second floors that connect/link together with stairs, also the sections, elevations, interior and exterior perspectives drawn/done in AutoCAD and rendered by Hspice.


with help : Pro.Ravanshadnia

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