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45 meters house

Hamid Mahmoodpour University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Architecture, Tehran
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

The main concern of designing is the use of quality and intensity of the north and south light so that we take advantages of summer or winter light of the north or south sides of the flat for all types of interior functions by function alteration.
It can be mentioned that the variability and programmability of spaces can take place by definition of masses and spaces. But at this point, by moving or alteration the masses, the quality and function of spaces will change or turn into each other.
Therefore the whole interior walls in flat have been eliminated such as, separator walls of bedrooms, corridor, kitchen and etc. The house has been changed into a flat surface thus there’s only one mass of toilet and and bathroom inside.A mass in conjunction with function of a foldaway bed, a closet and a library has been designed that can grant various function proposals by mobility in spaces, so that we can make best of the north and south light in summer and winter. These functional masses describe and also separate functional spaces by moving. By this action, functional spaces can be turned into each other.
3 alternatives have been predicted in designing procedure that can take place by straight moving and 90-degree rotation of closet.
The number of alternatives will be more by allowing for the flat day and night as well.
Designing the functions light can be used as separator feature owing to the flat integration.
In addition to the kinds of lightbulbs and their beam, light location and types of their lights result in separating the different functional domain from each other.

Project description

It’s a project of renovation and interior designing of a 45-meter flat that looks for a solution of different definition from function in small flat, and the function use is based on light and surroundings components of the building.
The flat is located in the north of one built-up complex in Ashrafi, Tehran.
The flat has 4 openings from the south side to the natural light of complex and from the north side, to the alley. It should be perceived as an important factor that the south light of the south side is considered proper.

Technical information

Main Materials: MDF High Gloss- poly santo Wood-stone