Project idea

Main goal of the project was to create an art school in Kyiv region, where the are no art schools. At the same time in the capital of Ukraine situation is different, so it was decided to make a balance between megapolis and small towns.
Also attention was paid to after classes usage of school facilities. Thus it was proposed to provide cultural events for adults as well in the evenings.

Project description

Atrium connects different layers/floors of the building serving the public multifunctions and enabling communication. Universal concert hall can be used differently (including concerts, plays, cinema, dances, conferences) regarding its removable seats.

Technical information

Some of the spaces in Obukhiv Art School are transformable, which gives vast variety of uses for different lessons with individual or group work priority.
As for the 3rd floor, it provides open space planning for communication and socialization. For energy efficiency it was propose to use heating pumps in a combination with hermetic eco foam insulations, triple glass and heat saving ventilation, which is crucial for ricing energy tariffs in Ukraine with its extreme temperature aptitude during the year (-25/+35). Structural system is a concrete frame that also supports the fluid envelope.