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Community Center Cojocna, Romania

Project idea

The concept of this project combines the modern view of the traditional house and the gathering of the three ethnic groups that are located in the village. Despite its size, due to the quality of the land and its orientation, the Community Centre is in good relationship with its context.

Project description

The project was born from the needs of a space dedicated to the community activities and members from Cojocna, Romania.

Terrain surface: 3 135 sqm
Built area: 947 sqm
Green area: 1 905 sqm
Parking area: 283 sqm, 10 parking spaces

The spaces that can be found in this project are: reception and info point area 149 sqm, exhibition area 63 sqm, conference space 87 sqm, public catering unit 210 sqm, commercial space 50 sqm, seniors club 60 sqm, creative studio for children 65 sqm, media library 97 sqm, ONG 90 sqm, administration area 55 sqm, technical space 80 sqm.

Technical information

Framing Plan 1:1000, Site Plan 1:200, Concept, Ground Floor 1:100, Mezzaine Floor 1:100, Roof Plan 1:100, Relevant Sections 1:100, Facades 1:100, Interior and Exterior Perspectives.