Railway Station – Public Ground Floor – Urban Interior

Bc. Barbora Kopřivová
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Architecture
Czech Republic

Project idea

The Railway Station Prague-Vystaviste is one of the four newly-planned stops on the track Prague - Airport - Kladno. The train stop is situated right in front of the Industrial Palace from 1891 and next to the Royal Game Reserve, Park Stromovka. These two important urban points together with the nearby stadium and planned modernization of the exhibition grounds are assumpted to produce a large number of people in near future. As a result of the research and in response to the site my design not only includes the station itself but also the ground floor retail spaces easily customizable in time and urban roof stimulating new activities in the place such as concerts, performance space, markets, sitting,... and therefore initiating quality public space. Moreover, it protects against sun, rain and snow.

Project description

Designed track, 415 meters long, connects up to the historic Negrelli Viaduct (1849). One of the oldest bridges goes from Masarykovo railway station, through Vltava river and then disappears into the ground rails.

In the studied site, the terrain situation requires another estacade construction. The proposed project refers to the old Negrelli viaduct by re-interpreting the arches as its prime symbol. Like this, the new segment of the route can be seen as a 're-birth' of Negrelli viaduct but in a modern shape and contemporary use.

The railway station is equipped with a ticket office, luggage storage, public toilets, hygienic cell, railway restaurant and bike rental.

Another important part of the proposed solution is the Street U Vystaviste that is decelerated and therefore supporting an atmosphere of the place as a pedestrian-friendly square with free movement and easy connection: train-tram. The Strojnicka Street is planned as an access road. Car transportation is conducted in new roads: Brazilska and Argentinska.

Technical information

The current single-track route will be converted into a two-track route. The platform is considered as insular, 200 meters long.

The structure of the roof and the viaduct is composite steel-concrete columns. Arches transferring the load in two directions create frame construction. The space in between the columns is roughly 7,5 x 7,6 m in the 2-module systems and 7,5 x 5,2 in 3-module systems. These modules are arbitrarily merged together and therefore easily changeable in time and according to the needed service. The viaduct has about 120 modules for lease.

The structure of the roof is dilated from the viaduct itself and anchored on steel joints. Technical rooms with needed equipment are situated in the western part of the estacade. Noise reduction is resolved by rail absorbers and roofing of the platform.



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