House of Hope (Design of educational and cultural center for child labour in Tehran)

bita montazer
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

This complex aims to create a safe environment for children of "Darvaze Ghar" an inappropriate district in Tehran in order to protect them from addiction and forced labour while creating a new path to a bright future for them. A complex that considers their blissful and soft persona in a city that has been ignorant of them and helps them develop their talents in a safe cultural environment by art therapy.

Project description

The presented project is based on in depth research and statistic analysis of complications and difficulties children suffering from child labour have to deal every day and further more in this research methods with which these problems can be addressed such as education, art therapy, music therapy and etc. are presented, each playing an important role in either sociological of physical health of children suffering from child labour.
As a conclusion, in order to gather all the above in one center and to put them in right use, a new complex called "Hose of Hope" facilitating all related activates has been proposed for the area home to many of these children, aiming not only to educate these kids but also to enhance their life status with art therapy and training.
In fact the teaching method in this complex is based on nurturing creativity by letting children to play and participate in different artistic and enjoying activities.
There is safe roofgarden all over the place to provide perfect playground and also green look to the region.

Technical information

Hose of Hope is located in "Darvazeh Ghar" an especial district in Tehran which need educational and cultural place for children who lived there and suffer from child labour. this complex provide a safe place for children who live there to help them be educated while playing and doing artworks. The structure of complex is based on pillar and beam and All of 3D modelling and sections worked by Rhinoceros 5.


Dr. Azadeh shahcheraghi

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