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The nautic center of Monastir

Achour Rania École Nationale d'Architecture et d'Urbanisme (ENAU) Tunis

Project idea

The project is inspired by the marine world, the sea and the movement of waves and swells. It reflects the image of a boat or a fluid light white sail.

Project description

The nautical center is located on a rocky island in Monastir (Tunisia) known as 《Sidi El Ghedamsi》. The project is composed of four entities : a club house, a nautical school for the training of the members of the center in the different nautical disciplines, a fitness center and an exhibition hall for boats, sails and new equipments and technologies related to the marine and nautical world.
The project is characterized by the transparency, the fluidity, the dynamism and by its perfect integration in the site.

Technical information

The master plan of the project is composed of four curved entities that adopt the shape of a fluid and flexible sail. These four buildings are connected by a curved inner street that create an urban link between the interior and the exterior and it offers an architectural walk inside the project by moving from an ambience to an other.