"Vallée du vin"

Svetlana Kryukova
Академия архитектуры и искусств
Russian Federation

Project idea

The idea of ​​the project is a cessel farm with agro-industrial wine production

Project description

This project is located in the suburban part of Rostov-on-Don. Manor for a family of four. The owners are engaged in the production of wine. About 30 workers who do not live on the territory of this site are involved in wine production. The site area is 2 hectares, planting vineyards occupies 1.5 hectares. The winery is divided into 2 production zones and a visitor zone. The project includes: a residential area, a recreation area for adults and children (summer kitchen, swimming pool), gardens and vegetable gardens, a production area.

Technical information

When building a house it is recommended to use blocks of aerated concrete, a heater (glass wool) and a lining in the form of wood.
For the winery - blocks of aerated concrete, insulation and wooden panels.

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