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Villa Paradise

Project idea

The essence of the project is to create a sacred space that not just brings people closer to the nature, but also offers a complete detachment from worldly human worries and difficulties. Projects conceptual center is the Sea and its shape. Hence, the main features entered into the soul of the project are serenity, tranquility and modesty.

Project description

The project of a private villa, which is located on the beach in Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic, was developed fully by me. The project is designed for a large Dominican family. Since the Dominicans are very family people, therefore, the house, respectively, should be such to accommodate a big number of guests for the weekends and holidays. An important part of the Villa is the pool located in the courtyard under a half-open monolithic canopy. The house is designed together with the planning solutions and the furniture.

Technical information

The constructive solution of the project is a monolithic reinforced concrete. This material makes it possible to take large spans and distribute the load to the entire structural system. The Villa consists of one full floor and a half of the second. The remaining part of the first floor is covered with an operated roof. The roof is designed in such a way that you can enter from the second floor to the roof on one level and then go to another one, which is above the second floor.