Aqaba Marine Biodiversity Research Center

Tasneem Almukbil
Jordan University of Science and Technology

Project idea

Sea and people Have Powers so in our project we will use the sea power and we will inspire people to and explode there power.

Project description

1. The main research facility for collaboration the major users: multidisciplinary researchers and staff members from across the world.
2. Communal and civic interaction will be a key aspect of this project. The majority of visitors will be locals and Jordanian students visiting Aqaba.
3. The building will have highest activity throughout the daytime hours. However, the observatory spaces will be open until midnight.
4. Detached parking building for a sufficient number of vehicles will be part of the project design.
5. In addition to the environmental issues, the designed building is expected to comply with the highest safety standards.
6. Labs will be used by resident researchers. No access from visitors will be granted.
7. A housing complex will accommodate the resident researchers and their families.
8. A public observatory will allow visitors to observe research taking place, as well as the surrounding red sea shore and mountains.


dalyana rahhal

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