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Cyclicity of environment

Konstantin Kostyuchuk БрГТУ

Project idea

The main idea is using a module blocks for constructions and design. This approach allows to fast rebuildig and redisigning for cyclicity of population and time which changes always.

Project description

Gran San Blas Area
Located in the East area of Madrid the zone
was built in the 50’s and 60’s. About 25% of
the total population is represented by elder
persons while about 30% of the population
has no studies. The value of buildings is in
average 40% lower than average of Madrid
buildings. Constructions had no requirements
in terms of insulation and the quality is poor.
Most buildings follow the same construction,
shape being eligible for a replicable renovation
The selected buildings are located in the west
side of the Rejas neighborhood of Gran San
Blas Area of Madrid – Calle Nueve, numbers:
6,8,10 and 3,5,7.
The selected buildings have a height level of
G+3 with 3 sections each. The space proposed
for analyses lies between Calle Nouve and Calle
Diez and it contains beside the 2 proposed
buildings the inner building space and park
situated towards Calle Diez.
The main scope of the project will be to
increase the wellbeing of the inhabitants
while making the area more desirable and
attractive for new, young families, considering
also the overall sustainable approach to the
rehabilitation process.
There is two panel houses wich standing opposite each other with backyard in the middle. On the south side is a park for inhabitants. Task was to renovate or reconstruct these areas. On the top of houses i placed module houses for new and young inhabitants, i reconstructed the backyard and created a second level for terraces and public needs. Park was fully renovated for all ages of people living beside.

Technical information

In the houses i placed lifts and equipment for disabled. Model houses on the roof placed on stainless consoles and thanks that can to remove or rotate.
Courtyard and backyard composed of module panels which can to transformate.
Backyard have second level for terraces,gardens and public spaces.