Kensei Hatashima
Kindai University

Project idea

This architecture is inspired by the life of migratory birds.Reproduce a flock of birds by residential architecture to update the way we live.

Project description

Our ancestor began to reside a site only before 10 thousand-years when we start cultivetion at first time.Until this age human life had been with hunting and migration. Architectures with site are abnormal happening when consider about 3 million-years history of human race.
Back to 10 thousand-years by the development of drone-technology.I regain movility for humans life.
Form of residence continues to metamorphose and change its volume up and down. Movility of architecture to purchase somewhere comfortable is just like “migratory birds”

Technical information

This architecture consist of 5 pattern of ‘TETRIS-formed’ units .Each unit contain 4 cubes that have 3,640mm length of a side.Metamorphosis of architecture volume generate empty space as a void.The void found for public space like as a library, a park, a workshop.These series of void put habitants’ comunity into practice.

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