Old renovated Urban spa Brno - Zábrdovice

Vladimír Soviš
Czech Republic

Project idea

The main purpose was the restoration of the Zimni spas in the original form in which it was finished in 1932 according to the design of Bohuslav Fuchs and creating a solarium that has the function of a bar, a café and relaxation.

Project description

Reconstruction of the Old Armory in the modern urban area, expansion of the hospital and creation of reserve spaces, access to the railway station, interconnection of the area with the right bank of the Svitava river, integration of recreational and resting areas and creation of the urban class. In the spa object to place a function that is related and complements the surroundings (laser center, dermatology, aesthetic surgery and nutrition counseling).

Technical information

The building is a reinforced concrete skeleton with a filler gray masonry. It is a historical monument and an architecturally important object is therefore to be taken into account. No external insulation is used that would degrade the authentic high-quality façade, but the MULTIPOR internal insulation.


Faculty of Architecture

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