Sacred Architecture in the village of Tanaf | UNITY

Ksenia Zabardygina
Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building
Russian Federation

Project idea

The concept of the project is based on the inseparable connection between man and faith. A person can exist without faith, but faith without man cannot exist, as man without man. People need to meet together to solve common problems, but sometimes one has to remain united with one's thoughts.

Project description

The project proposes the creation of several spaces. The installation of wooden planks in front of the building serves as a fence, and it is also possible to arrange temporary shelters if you cover some boards with cloth or iron sheets.
On the ground floor are premises for the victim and people who need help.
At the first level, there are also a common hall for holding collective prayer and people's meetings and rooms for individual prayer / meditation.

Technical information

Only local materials are used in the project. Raw earth bricks (ground-floor walls), baobab boards (facade, floors, ceiling), metal sheets (cylindrical insets on the ceiling for diffusing light).
Introspection, spirituality and divinity can lead humanity to universal unity.


Gleb Goncharenko

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