Martian research base LEVIATHAN 01

Goncharenko Gleb
Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building
Russian Federation

Project idea

“Thou didst crush the heads of leviathan, Thou gavest him to be food to the folk inhabiting the wilderness.”
Our design concept is based on an image of the mythical creature living in the seas of the Red planet, but now, as the time passes, mere bones are left of him which will become a dwelling for the first colonists of Mars.

Project description

The project is based on use of structural modules and a possibility of the base extension without its reorganization, considering a non-uniform relief of the planet.
Modules - two-storey rigid frame structures made of folded surfaces consisting of lightweight multi-core panels capable to protect from the critical damage effects (low temperatures, radiation, windstorms).
Structures are produced on Earth and in several stages are transported to Mars, where they are assembled and mounted by the first expedition crew.
The folded structure of modules allows making the base configuration in the shape of "straight line" and "radial" blocks.

Technical information

"Straight lines" accommodate laboratories on synthesis of O2, H2O and other materials, as well as for a 3D printer. Electricity is supplied from a small modular nuclear reactor.
"Radial" blocks are meant for accommodation.
The 2nd storey locates greenhouses for additional protection against radiation and harvest cultivation.
Spaces between the blocks create public zones for food, sport, rest.
Leviathan 01 will provide living conditions for humanity, as well as opportunities for research and space tourism on the Red planet.


Ksenia Zabardygina

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