Student room design

Adela Petra Popa
UPT - Universitatea Politehnică din Timişoara, Facultatea de Arhitectură, Timişoara

Project idea

The concept was born from the desire to generate a living space with multiple functionalities, but also to give the impression of a more open and clear space.

Project description

I wanted to change the ambiance of the room, using the white color for increasing the level of light and also to give the sensation of a bigger space. The splashes of color and the geometric use, are meant to create a more jovial and modern space, breaking the routine of the white atmosphere.
The lack of storage made me choose for a high mounted wardrobe, designed after the room’s dimensions, the cabin also including the necessary space for an extensible sofa.
The room is properly designed to combine the livingroom function, during the day, with the bedroom function, during night. Also the balcony was converted into an intimate office, with an home-made desk, separated from the rest of the room by a wall with a 90 cm height.

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