Barca restaurant

Omid Abbassi
Islamic Azad university of Qazvin(QIAU)
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

It is a fact that the age of single function spaces is over and these days designers try to arrive new limits of design , with considering the social and the interactions . according to this subject , the main design Idea circles around providing new experiences for costumers.
After analyzing the condition of this project, we found that its very necessary to define a place for gathering people (esp. the youth ) and make this place , like a PUB which people can find some time to talk and enjoy social relations. but this wasn't the end. we have costumers there, in mid range age. which prefer to have a semi private space for dining or etc. so to cover that type of people , we decide to specify upper story of store to them with relative functions.

Project description

This project was a renewal of a fast food in Rasht city (the most populated city of North of Iran) with a good resume and good costumers. but in early years , the amount of attraction to this place decreased due to some lose of servicing plans and growth of other fast foods stores nearby . so our employer asked us to Redefine and convert this fast food to a PUB , which have more fun and more interactions .indeed we want a space , where people come and enjoy other activities like watching soccer maches or series , beside eating and drinking.
This PUB has two levels. first floor area is : 75 m2
and the second floor is 120 m2

Technical information

in this case according to design style , we need to start a close conversations between design and construct. the wood design system needs to considered as a handmade sculpture , this work is not following typical cutting systems.
The materials considered to be used in this project is Wood ( both Thermal and Normal ) , Epoxy floor cover system and Light sensors to save energy and provide indirect sufficient light.
The main Goal of this design was to Define functional zones in order to keep relative functions together beside keeping old functions like serving as a usual fast food.


Ali monfared : Project manager

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