The D-Pod

Richard Krajňák

Project idea

The D-Pod is a modern, gently futuristic, design of student housing. Its job is to create appropriate conditions
to temporary housing for young people and also to revitalize the derelict port.

Project description

The D-Pod complex, what means "Dorms - Podolí", is a proposal for creative student housing right on the Vltava River in the Podolí area in Prague. There are three separate buildings designed for 3-6 people. They are made up of six ship containers of different configurations that thematically belongs to the local port. There is plenty of glazed areas, allowing plenty of sunshine and also creating a pleasant environment with beautiful views. The objects are connected with the shore by simple footbridges that follow the exit staircase. Due to object placement, residents have enough privacy as well.

Technical information

The construction of the structure consists of ships containers, which adds modularity to the concept and also thematically fits into the port area. The base is a classic pontoon, made of high quality concrete and polystyrene. All objects are designed with the same layout, with common space on the first floor along with hygienic facilities, and with night and work areas on the second floor for each resident separately. Separate stairs lead to each cell, and each residential unit even has its own terrace. This solution has enough privacy, but they also have space for interaction, where they can spend all the time together.



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